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Concerts in Akron are a fun way to spend a day or night. Nothing quote compares to seeing your favorite band live, or spending a day and music festival. But sometimes planning your concert going experience can be a bit hard. How many people are you going with? Who will drive? How many cars will you need? How early will you head to the show to avoid traffic and long lines? Will you leave the show early to avoid the traffic? These planning problems can all be solved with one simple decision: the decision to rent a limo bus from Akron Limo Bus!

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When you have an Akron limo bus providing the transportation for you concert going experience, you won't have to worry about a thing other than enjoying your time! So just what are these limo bus perks that make the out so much simpler and more enjoyable? Well we're here to tell you!

To start, planning the evening's logistics is much easier. Who drives with who? Who's the designated driver? How many cars do you need? With us, the answer is simple: You all ride on the bus, the chauffeur is the designated driver, and you'll only need one spacious, amazing, luxurious Akron limo bus! Whether you all meet at one location and wait for the bus or want to all be picked up at separate locations, our chauffeur will go wherever you wish. Speaking of the chauffeurs, they're also, of course, your designated driver! When it comes to avoiding traffic, trust us, you won't have to worry. When you're on one of our buses, you won't be bothered by a thing. A little traffic just means more time to party on the bus! And because the bus is your own private party, you won't be in any rush to leave the show early; you'll be able to stay through the encore and then pick up the party on the bus where you left off! The stress of bad concert traffic simply won't exist to you!

We mentioned how much you'll enjoy the vehicle during your travels. So just what do we mean by that? Well, you'll have a full entertainment package at your fingertips! Set the mood for the show by enjoying the color-changing lights that mimic bright concert lighting, blare your favorite music over the incredible stereo, and take advantage of all the space to dance! For music, you can choose the AM/FM stereo, CD player, or plug your iPod or MP3 player into the USB port. There's bar space for you to mix your drinks, and TVs if you want to watch a movie. You'll also enjoy complete privacy with the dark tinted windows on our buses. We'll drop you off right out front of the venue and pick you up there as well, in true VIP style. You might even get mistaken for the band when you pull in!

There's no better way to travel to or from an Akron concert. We're here 24/7 so call us today to book your concert bus!

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